Barrier Paper
General Information

Barrier PaperTM is a 4-layer, reinforced, reusable surface protection paper.

An inexpensive but effective and reusable way to keep spills, stains, dirt and other contaminants off your surfaces. Double kraft paper construction resists ripping and puncturing, assuring consistent protection of your surfaces throughout the duration of your project.

  • Protects carpeting, hardwood floors, tile, marble, terrazzo, wood, etc.
  • Protects against spills, staining, paint, plaster, oil, grease, traffic and tracked dirt.
  • Resists tearing, puncturing and abrasion.
  • Water and slip resistant.
  • Can be secured with Curtain-Wall's 2" low-tack masking tape, or 3" white masking tape.
  • Works great with Curtain-Wall's easy-to-use Tape Runner.

Comes in two sizes.

  • 36" x 300'
  • 48" x 300'


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