Carpet Barrier
General Information

Carpet BarrierTM is industry-grade 2.5 mil self-adhesive carpet protection film. Now with XcelStripTM for easy deployment.

  • Protects carpets from spills, staining, paint, plaster, oil, grease, traffic and tracked dirt
  • Reverse-wound for easy application.
  • Gentle, low-tack adhesive on bottom keeps it in place.
  • Film removes easily, with no residue or damage to carpet.
  • For use with synthetic carpets only.
  • Can be kept in place for up to 45 days.
  • Keep your carpet clean and mess-free during construction, remodeling, home showings, open houses, parties and more!

Carpet BarrierTM adhesive film rolls are available in five sizes.

  • 24" x 200'
  • 30" x 200'
  • 36" x 200'
  • 36" x 500'
  • 48" x 500'


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  • 2.5-mil film
  • Gentle, low-tack self-adhesive
  • Uncolored to distinguish from Floor Barrier
  • For use on synthetic carpet ONLY

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Guidlines For Use
  • NEVER exceed 45 days of use.
  • Use on SYNTHETIC CARPETS ONLY. Wool or oriental carpets could be damaged.
  • Carpet should be CLEAN AND DRY before use. If carpet was recently cleaned, allow 72 HOURS for carpeting to dry and cleaning agents to dissipate
  • For newly installed carpet, allow 14 DAYS for adhesive vapors to dissipate before covering.
  • DO NOT APPLY TO HARD FLOOR SURFACES! Hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, marble, laminates, tubs, and countertops may be damaged by the adhesive, Carpet Barrier is too sticky for these surfaces.
  • Take care not to let Carpet Barrier overlap beyond carpeted areas to hard floor surfaces, trim, or walls.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Do not apply if temperatures are or will be under 40° F or above 100° F.
  • Product should be stored in a dry place not below 40° F or above 100° F
  • User determines suitability.

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